Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is Success Bad?

Success used to be admired in America, nowadays success is reviled. Witness the derision that candidate Romney suffered as a successful businessman. He was literally crucified for it! You have to wonder at the anti-success attitude that is so prevalent today. Is it as crass as simple jealousy?
Companies that succeed and become large enterprises are derided as "Big Business"; "Wall Street" is some horrible place that rips off poor unsuspecting Main Street people, farming is now tagged "Big Ag", drug producers are referred to as "Big Pharma", those who breed dogs on anything other than an occasional basis are tagged as "Puppy mills". 

But somehow, no one seems to object to "BIG GOVERNMENT"....a concept that has proven largely unsuccessful throughout history and in a wide cross-section of countries across most continents.

I think the change in our culture comes not only from the liberal, anti-business propaganda in our schools, but can also be noticed in the shift in cultural focus that is exemplified in the James Bond 007 movies. The early ones portrayed communist governments as the bad guys; but all the more recent ones feature evil, maniacal capitalists who want to kill everyone and desecrate the planet. 
No wonder most people now believe that "BIG" is "BAD".
BIG isn't BAD....BAD is BAD. Even LITTLE can be bad. But it's hard to be successful when you are small. I guess that's the goal, keep everyone small and unsuccessful. But hey, at least everyone will be equally enslaved in a mediocre society.

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