Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moral equivalence?...I don't think so.

Everyone has been bashing Bush because liberal moonbats are gullible and will believe umpteen lies before they'll believe one truth. Just mention the war in the middle east and they'll scream that BUSH LIED about weapons of mass destruction, and got us into an immoral and illegal war.

Did you know that eleven Democrats made public statements that Saddam had WMD before President Bush ever said anything about it?

Do you remember that thousands of Kurds were killed in chemical weapons of mass destruction? So please explain how Bush is a liar about WMD? Also how could it be "Bush's War" when the War Powers Act was approved in the House 296-133 and in the Senate 77-23. Bush could not go into war without the approval of Congress.

Moonbat lies they just keep repeating often enough so that people will believe them. Feels pretty stupid to be hoodwinked by Democratic Socialists, huh?

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