Saturday, November 17, 2012

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Well the elections are over, but the sting of a defeat as a result of a relatively close margin remains. We’re told to stop pointing out the suspicious nature of dozens of election precincts with a greater than 100% voter turnout, and 100% of the vote going to Obama. We aren’t supposed to notice that the election was won due to a swing of about 70,000 strategically-placed votes originating in highly-populated urban areas. We are told to suck it up, to shut up and go away, to quit pointing out the foibles of Obama in regard to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, our dismal economic status, federally-regulated health care, and a multitude of other national disgraces. We've silenced the mainstream news networks, it's time for all the rest of you to fall in line the liberal media lectures us.

Even some leaders of the Republican party are caving; ready to compromise our core values and capitulate to the dictates of one who doesn’t know the meaning of conciliation, as his entire political life is founded on fostering strife and discord regarding race, religion, sex and financial status.

We were scolded by the state-conrolled media that our candidate was too conservative to attract the independents, while pundits on the conservative side claim that in fact, he was too far to the left to appeal to the conservative base. We are too old, white and angry, the liberals claim. We are told we need to embrace amnesty for illegals, even though our candidate in 2008 who supported amnesty also lost handily. We're too antagonistic to women, the popular culture tells us, while in 2008, we placed a very accomplished woman in the vice-presidential spot, only to watch her crucified by the media.

In fact, that has been the entire, and successful strategy of this adminstration and their lapdog, statist media; to paint the Republican candidates with negative stereotypes; to portray them as being out of touch and hate-filled. It matters not that this protrayal is untrue. It only matters that the public believes it to be true.

The Republican campaign has relied on their faith in the ability of the electorate to evaluate the plain facts and make their own informed assessment of the candidates. When Obama responded weakly in the debates about the economy, he was not heartily challenged. No one attacked his lack of a plan, or the reason that his only talking point, more taxes on the rich, would not work and would in fact adversely affect everyone, not just the wealthy.

When the entire Obama administration claimed for weeks that the attack in Libya was not a coordinated effort by Islamic extremists, but a spontaneous protest over a video, they were not challenged. That lie had been exposed and was so obviously false that the voter would noticed, right? When Candy Crowley waved her paper and claimed that Romney was lying, no one came back to challenged her….not even in the vert next and final debate, which was focused on foreign policy.

When the Obama campaign stated that conservatives had declared “war on women” we did not point out their hypocrisy. When they claimed that support of traditional marriage was based on "hate" we did not counter that claim with the fact that marriage definition is a local issue; not a federal one; and that all of us have gay friends and relatives who we dearly love; heck, gay Americans need their jobs too!! When they claimed over and over that the Republican party is racist, we did not counter and point out the racist basis of the Democratic party and their racially divisive campaign strategy.

When abortion was continually brought to the forefront, no one on our side said, listen, this is a red herring. The Supreme Court has settled the issue and it is not on the table for any change. We failed to point out that Obama not only supports abortion, but he strongly supports the heinous practice of partial-birth abortion, where viable infants so well-developed as to feel pain, are literally tortured and dismembered before they are discarded.

Poll after poll reflects the fact that the majority of the public rejects the practice of partial-birth abortion and indeed abortion in general, and in fact they agree with all the positions of the Republican party including lower taxes, more economic freedom, and the need to repeal Obamacare. Why, then, does the electorate reject our candidates who embrace the ideals of the majority?

We need to admit that there is a very definite reason that almost all blacks, and the majority of women, Hispanics and young voters swung to Obama, even though he does not really represent the values of any of these groups in anything but a superficial and disingenous way. We need to come to grips with the power of the media in influencing public opinion. If the media continues to pound falsehoods into the public psyche, the voters will believe those falsehoods to be true.

It wouldn’t have mattered if the Republicans had been represented by Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich, or even by Jesus Christ himself; there would have been a Candy Crowley there angrily waving her papers with the intent to smear him using a blatant lie. Crowley later admitted that she was wrong, but it is impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube after the fact. The damage had been done. Sadly, most of the public is not savvy enough to catch on to the false basis of such smear tactics.

We will not win elections as long as we allow the media to control the discussion.  Debate “moderators” need to be nominated by both parties, and agreed upon based on impartiality. How can you expect to garner a positive public opinion with biased moderators? It's impossible.

Since time immemorial it has been known that negative campaigning works. The Democrats are crafty enough to use “go negative” as their entire strategy. They had the luxury this time of months of relentless smears and negativity while the Republicans were busily attacking their own candidates for many months. Can we really recover from such negative tactics, when Obama had NO ONE on his side challenging him? Apparently not. This is the advantage of incumbency. 

I’ve read literally dozens of article comments by authors who would have been able to produce better campaign ads than the insipid swill that we saw out of the Republican National Committee.

Only when Republicans fight back vigorously against the lies perpetrated against our candidates and attack our opponents with the same vigor with which they attack us, might we have the proverbial “fighting chance”. We also need to quit rolling over and accepting a slew of liberal debate moderators. And, we need to address election reform, as fraud appears to have definitely played a role in the outcome of this election. We might point out that Obama's foreign policy has not differed significantly from that of George Bush. (THAT will really get their hackles up!)

Finally, we need to continue to pound away relentlessly at the Obama administration's “War on Workers”, "War on Life", "War on Liberty"  and “War on Prosperity”.

We cannot remain above the fray and rely on rational, well-informed people to place their intelligent, well-thought-out vote. Most people wield their vote the same way they do their cash to buy merchandise; based on advertising and an idealogical image, not on facts. Dirty politics works, and it’s time to fight dirty. Either that or be prepared to kiss our free republic goodbye and embrace instead a future as "useful idiots" for the emergin oppressive socialist regime.

I think America is worth fighting for, and hope that others will join in the fight. No more "Mr. Nice Guy" !

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  1. Okay, I'll play...Romney, good man, didn't take the fight to Obama. He missed too many opportunities. It was the CO (community organizer, problem maker) vs. the CEO (chief executive officer, problem solver)and the CO made more voters believe he was "one of them". Oh, and the free stuff. The left has been buying votes with free stuff for a long time. The right has joined in, too, but it ends up costing us votes. For Dems it gets them votes. The double standard enforced by a majority of the media allows them to get by with lying, but not the GOP. And the GOP has never worked hard enough to get the real facts out there. The NAACP? Started by three white Republicans, two men and one woman. Then we let the left coopt it and use it against us. WE built it. Romney spent a day as a garbageman in Boston among other jobs. How many of you know that? Why doesn't everybody? Jindal is correct. So is Martinez, though less so. Though it's the left that has divided people, we bought into it. Demographics ring a bell? And government can help people have better lives---mostly by getting out of the way and coloring INSIDE the constitutional lines for its authority. There's very little the federal government can do better than the private sector. And the more it tries to do, the worse it does everything. Did we make that case? No. There's ample proof. Ask Stossel. He's one of very few who focus on that. We've allowed the left to frame all the discussions. They break our diverse population into batches smaller and smaller then label them with numbers, percentages. The 53% vs the 47%. The 99% vs the 1%. Jindhal is right. It's about the 100%. And in this election slightly less than one half of the voting age population bothered to show up. So Obama got just over half the ones who did, but that's only 1/4 of the voting age population. Romney got just under 1/4. What about the other HALF? Why are they so disengaged? Maybe pictures of Romney as a garbageman would have reached some of them. Or pictures of Condi as a poor child who grew up to be the first black woman Secretary of State. We have a lot of other poster children for success from little or nothing. Is it "beneath" us to show that, not just tell it, over and over? That's where Martinez is right. We can't just preach at people, tell them we know best and expect them to happily follow us. We've tried appeasing the left, joining in on bashing our own when the left says they've been "bad". That emboldens them just as it would any bully. We need to stop giving up and start standing up, if we have the backbone. In an increasingly visual society, maybe we need to draw more pictures. (We laughed at "Julia" but she/Obama reached a lot of people.) That has a better chance of restoring hope to the half who sat it out and of getting the attention and possibly support of many of that "47%" who really do want more from life than a hand out. Star Parker did. What good are resources if we don't use them? We don't need backbone to lay down. If we aren't demonstrably different from the left, why should anyone bother to vote? The right said we have better ideas, policies that work, but we didn't SHOW them that they have worked and can again. So many stories we didn't tell that demonstrate that conservatism really does help everyone, even the least among us. You may call it dumbing down. I prefer "going back to the basics". We can't save them all, but we can definately do better than we're doing. Because conservatism is about the 100%.